Indoor dog potty that works as a dog toilet

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Pee Wee Pet Products Indoor Dog Potty

Let the Pee Wee Dog Potty do the dirty work for you!
The remedy to your Dog’s dilemma when you’re gone and your Dog has to go!

Keep your feet up and enjoy having a dog as part of your lifestyle, while our Dog Toilets take care of your dog’s toiletry problems for you.  
Designed for any type of home. Our family of 4 Dog Toilets (for any sized dog) allows you to have a dog no matter where you decide to live.
These four new and innovative products contain your dog’s waste in a designated area and ensure your peace of mind on extended stays away from home.

There is no better time to buy, because all of our prices have recently been temporarily slashed. These prices will not last, so if you are serious about buying the best, and lowest priced dog potty available anywhere, get it today!

Mini "For Toy Sized Dog" Potty retail price: $69.99, Special Price $48.00 plus S&H.       

Pee Wee "For Smallish Dogs" Potty retail price: $79.99, Special Price $54.00 plus S&H. 

Pee Wee Grass Potty "For Any Sized Dogs" retail price: $89.99, Special Price $59.00 plus S&H.     

Pee Wee Dog Park "For Any Sized Dogs" retail price: $99.99, Special Price $79.00 plus S&H.        

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Dog potty for smaller dogs helps toilet train both puppies and older dog Pet Park Deluxe is a great way for dog and puppy toilet potty training 

Indoor dog toilet that works great for a dog potty


Hygienic, Safe, Convenient 

Portable & GREEN 

Uses No Energy 

Eliminates Dog waste pollution of the Environment

Arrives fully assembled, includes artificial grass (extra grass available for all models). Easy for any dog to learn to use (we include training tips) and easy for you to clean. The Pee Wee Dog Potty provides a long lasting solution that'll solve your dog toilet problems for a lifetime. Nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. 
They’re lightweight and portable so they’re great for use in: APARTMENTS, CONDOS, TOWNHOUSES, HOUSES, BOAT, RV, MOTORHOME, HOUSE TRAILER or VAN
The innovative self-contained urine drainage systems are easy to empty and keep clean. Imagine, no more puddles, no more accident clean ups! GET YOURS TODAY WHILE THESE PRICES LAST: Buy Now Here.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a Pee Wee Dog Potty:

1: Fits anywhere accessible to your dog like the Patio, Balcony, Laundry, Bathroom, Garage, Backyard, Deck.
2: Eliminates stains and/or puddles on your hardwood floors, tiles, carpets or furniture.
3: No more clean-ups on your floors and carpets.
4: Forget those early morning or late night dog walks in bad weather, or when you're under it!
5: You and your dog can stay inside when it's raining, snowing or icy outside.
6: You'll have peace of mind when unable to get home in time to walk your dog.
7: It's hygienic for you and your dog.
8: Easy to empty and clean.
9: Doesn't wear out. We have sizes for all breeds of dogs.
10: No assembly required, just take it out of the box and it's ready to use.