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Pee Wee Pet Products Indoor Dog Potty Toilets

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Our products provide a grassy oasis for your Pooch to Pee or Poop on, without waiting for you to take him for a walk or let him out into the yard or garden. No more stains on your grass or poop messing up your lawn or garden.

The Pee Wee Dog Potty's allow you to "keep your feet up" and enjoy having a dog as part of your lifestyle whilst our "Dog Potty" takes care of your dog's toileting problems for you. If the weather is bad, you and your dog can stay indoors.

Designed specifically for Apartment dwellers and "Grass Free" households. The Pee Wee Dog Potty allows you to have a dog no matter where you decide to live. They're also portable so you can use it in your RV, Motorhome or Boat

This new and innovative "Dog Potty" contains your dog's waste in a designated area and will ensure your peace of mind on extended stays away from home. You don't have to rush home to let the dog out.

Our "Dog Potty" allows your dog the freedom to do its business without relying on you for an opportunity.

We have them for all sized dogs. You don't need to buy more potty than you need if you have a small dog.

Pee Wee Dog Potty’s are truly "Green" products. They require absolutely no energy to operate and eliminate dog waste pollution of the environment. The dog waste is simply flushed down the toilet.