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How to get success using the Indoor Dog Potty with your dog

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 It may seem at little unusual to have a indoor dog toilet in the corner of a room in your home or apartment. Before we started to sell and distribute our line of indoor dog potty's we were as skeptical as ever with the concept. We like many others have had dogs that decide its so much easier to pee in the middle of the carpet than to wait for us to get home to let them outside. So we set out to solve the problem we pee pads or wee pads which we found never quite worked as the dog urine would seep through and still make a mess on the floor it was strategically placed on. 

Then came the discovery of using an artificial surface that looks like grass to try and entice the dog to us it as a toilet. Well we placed the Pee Wee Pet Potty in the corner of the laundry room which is where the dog exits the house to go for walks. After not letting the dog out of the house at his regular walk time and we waited with fingers crossed. He walked over to it a couple of times and looked over to us like we were crazy!! He went back to his blanket and laid down for what seemed for ever.

 We went about our evening routine glancing over with disappoint what we thought was a great idea.When we stopped looking at the dog and he stopped looking back at us something amazing occurred. He got up and wandered to his pet potty , squatted (yes a male dog) and did his pee dead center on the turf!! We waited for him to finish and pretended we were not watching. When he returned to the kitchen we gave him a tremendous amount of praise. He looked so proud and relieved as much as we were! 

 That's when we realized what was one thing that has worked for us over the past ten years. Every time time our dog used the Pee Wee Pet Potty as a indoor dog toilet we showered him with praise. When he realized his reward for his good deed it soon became second nature where he needed to go when he couldn't wait for us to get home. When I arrived home from worked and the regularly cleaned dog potty had been used, I fussed over what a great dog my Beagle was!! It worked as all positive reinforcement does with our canine companions and is a great way to see success with your Dog Potty.