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Training your dog to use the Pee Wee Dog Toilet.


  • Begin by placing the Dog Toilet where you would like your dog to go to the toilet.


  • Train your dog to potty on command.  When it’s time for your dog to go, place them or lead them to the Dog Toilet and use a consistent command such as “go potty” or “go pee” to teach your dog to go on their toilet.


  • If you’re training a new puppy, remember they may need a little extra help as they don’t have full control over their bladder yet.  Puppies will need to relieve themselves after eating/drinking, sleeping and during times of excitement.  A simple way of getting your puppy to use the Dog Toilet, just place them on it as soon as they wake up when their bladders are full and tell them your potty command word.  This will help associate the command and the unit with going to the toilet.


  • Make sure your dog stays on the Dog Toilet until they have relieved themselves.


  • As you and your dog begin using the Dog Toilet, remember to be encouraging and supportive when your dog uses it correctly.  Treats or exaggerated praise are a great way to reward and encourage your dog to continue using it.  Remember, your dog wants to please you; let them know that using the Dog Toilet makes you happy and they’ll continue to use it.


  • If you see your dog going elsewhere, simply tell them "NO" and move them to the Dog Toilet.


  • Never feed your dog on, or directly adjacent to the Dog Toilet nor should you reward them with treats on it because this will deter them from using it for the real purpose.


  • Never allow or encourage your dog to play or sleep on the Dog Toilet as this will deter them from correctly using it as intended.


* Please note that most dogs typically take 1 to 4 weeks to fully adjust to the Dog Toilet. Just be patient and don’t give up.


Please note that due to hygeine and health issues we cannot accept the return of any product. For shipping damage, please contact the carrier or our customer service dept.